Saturday, December 3, 2016

Let's Get Off the "Coaching Carousel"

 "Again I saw that under the sun the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor riches to the intelligent, nor favor to those with knowledge, but time and chance happen to them all."   Ecclesiastes 9:11

"You reap what you sow."  Galatians 6:7

Lately as I observe the college football season come to an end, I have noticed the unfairness of how coaches are hired and fired.  I think the NCAA's rules (or lack of them) in this process is shameful and needs to be changed.  Here's what I have observed and a possible solution for how it could be fixed:

1.  Coaches are fired and hired from one program to another BEFORE the season is actually completed.  When a coach is fired in the middle of the season, it is almost always covered by an assistant coach being elevated to "acting head coach" until the season is done.  This is the easiest method for this to be done; it is easiest on the players, the other coaches, and the short-term future of the program.

2.  HOWEVER, when coaches are fired and others hired before the National Championship game is done, this is wrong.  Currently, the coach for the University of Houston has moved to the University of Texas; I have no problem with this being done, but neither program was "officially" done with their seasons.  The UH coach also took most of his assistants with him to UT, but UH will still play in a bowl game before their season is officially over.  How will those players adequately prepare for that game?  And who will coach them?  Also, I just read this morning that UT might actually get a bowl invitation despite a 5-7 record; this is because of the high number of bowls that currently exists.  But the UT staff that coached that team is gone (fired!), and the new staff is not quite filled.  So those players lose the opportunity to add a little pride to an otherwise disappointing season.  This is also wrong!

3.  What about the fine assistant coaches who are currently working for really good teams that are going to major bowl games and/or playing for the National Championship?  Shouldn't those coaches be allowed the opportunity to become head coaches at another program?  And shouldn't they also have the opportunity to FOCUS on the team and the game(s) that are coming up without the distraction of trying to get another job?  Unfair to the assistant coaches and unfair to their current teams, if you ask me.

4.  And the NCAA knows all what are they doing about it?  Not much, as far as any sane human can determine.  How about this:  NO ONE may contact, recruit, interview, or negotiate with any other coach until AFTER the National Championship game is completed?  Penalty: similar to when a football program breaks any other rule - sanctions, loss of scholarships, etc.  And this goes for alums, agents, athletic directors, and coaches themselves.

Yes, if this plan was implemented, it would affect recruiting.  So what?  How does failure to finish a season affect recruiting?  What are the parents of talented high school players thinking right now?  I don't hear too many people asking their opinions, but I think they are the most vital group right now.  After all, they represent the future of the various football programs.

Bottom line: Why should a pastor care about all this?  Is it because I am a graduate of both the University of Texas and the University of Houston?  Isn't it just money and power and all that?  I care because I am a fan, but I also care because I know when something is unfair.  And Christians are always ALWAYS called to take on anything that is unfair.

So change it, people.  Do it now and for the right reasons.  Or wait until the system becomes so rotten and unfair that changing it will be embarrassing and painful.

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