Friday, July 25, 2008

Teacherpreacherscreecher see the name and you wonder why I chose it. Well, it reflects a large portion of my life plan.

First of all, I was a teacher for the past 29 years ( seems like FOREVER).

Next, I am currently attending seminary part-time with the goal of someday soon finishing seminary and getting my own church. I already do some preaching at various churches who need a substitute.

Finally, I am too loud for my own good sometimes. The old people in church always compliment me that they had no trouble hearing my message. Same with the kids. Yet my big mouth and "bright" voice have gotten me in trouble more than once over the years. I am a screecher - and I need to work on it. our "can't-pay-attention-for-long" society, you gotta admit that sometimes a good screech is necessary to get people's attention!

Put it all together - teacherpreacherscreecher!

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