Wednesday, February 17, 2010


How could I have lived in the South and loved snow so very much for almost all of my life? How could I so carelessly IGNORE people who warned me about snow, people who said things like, "It is pretty...but you can have it!"? Were there no warning bells going off in my head?

Well, there are now! I have seen it snow about six times this winter in New Jersey. It is pretty...but you get tired of it pretty quickly. It doesn't melt. It freezes and gets really hard to get off of EVERYTHING. It blocks up the streets. And (here's my personal favorite) it gets NASTY after a day or two. When it doesn't melt for a month, it starts to look like piles of mulch. Now that's nasty!

But on the other hand, when I did live in the South, was there ever a first day of spring when I even noticed? Usually it was just another day. After a REAL winter, I will celebrate the first day of spring like I have never done before. I will praise God for giving us spring and for bringing it "just in time" every year.

But first, I must wash my car. All the salt on the road has made it pretty dirty.

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