Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Hospital Room

I enter the room
It’s bright and clean.
To hide the pain
That can’t be seen.

In the hospital bed
Lies an old friend
His eyes are closed
His life near an end.

I approach the bed
And pause close by
Not easy to see
A good friend die.

But he opens an eye
And looks around
Then up to my face
His friend he’s found.

His eyes are bright
As he sees me there.
Does he know it’s me
Who’s come to care?

I stay a while,
And chat and pray.
Wonder how long
I should try to stay.

But I need to go
And let him rest.
Don’t want to, y’know,
But it’s for the best.

I take his hand,
And hold it dear
To let him know
His friend’s still here.

One final plea
To God above,
As I hear softly
One last word…“love.”

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