Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is It Dead Yet?

Outside the administration building is a large pot containing the dead remnants of a plant. The plant has been gone for some time now, and it looks depressing as one enters the main office of our church. So I decided to dig it up and plant something new.

Imagine my surprise when I dug the old plant up and discovered caladium bulbs hiding just beneath the surface. They were not the same as the obviously dead plant, but they weren't doing anything either. I carefully replanted them, added some Miracle-Gro plant fertilizer, and watered them. They quickly burst through the soil, and now the pot is beginning to look pretty good...a VERY different "first impression" for anyone entering the office.

It makes me think of this church. To follow the metaphor: is it dead yet? We have had many hardships here at Heritage, and now the property is for sale (you can't miss the LARGE sign out by the road). If all you notice is the obvious, you would miss the hidden "bulbs" beneath the surface just waiting for someone to give them a little attention, a little tender loving care.

And as soon as we do, what will bloom? I guess we will have to keep our eyes open and that plant but watch this church too!

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