Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Already Here/Not Yet

In my theology class, we learned a phrase: "already here, not yet."

It refers to blessings and life experiences that happen to each of us, but Christians also know about the joyful life that is not yet here.  So there is a tension between these two ideas...not a bad or an evil tension...just a tension.

I think I have a personal understanding of this concept.  I have received so many blessings while I am at seminary, so many wonderful people that I have met and worked with, so many wonderful experiences, so much rich knowledge that is available to me.  And yet, I also anticipate the glorious "not yet"...the life that is coming in just about a year.

It is fun to sit and ponder the future, the "not yet," and think about what it will be like, where I will be, what I will be doing, what my life will look like.  So easy to fall into that habit!  But that is NOT what I need to do on a regular basis.  My habit for now is to work on the "already here" and let the "not yet" come in its due time.  There is much to do right here and right now; waiting until the right time and right place appear can be a foolish and wasteful way to live.

But sometimes when the "already here" doesn't put a smile on my face, the "not yet" always seem to do the trick.

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